Help Save Nepali Culture in America

American Nepalese community need your urgent support  to help build cultural center in Bayarea California in order to preserve rich Nepali culture in America for our future generations.

We need your support to meet our goal. No donation is small, if you cannot provide monetary donation you can still help us by sharing this video, like the video or leave a comment and this all will also count towards contribution.

The Nepali of the San Francisco Bay area have an urgent need for this Cultural Center. Here we will tell you all about anti-barking collars. The center would provide services to every part of the Nepali Community such as low-income houses, education and college prep counseling for students, economic development, employment training, and help to spawn micro-business with business plans and financing.

Examples of planned outreach include providing hot meals to the senior homeless, and English language classes for new Nepali immigrants. Thus the Center would be the central place for socialization-making friends and contacts- and a means of keeping the rich Nepali culture alive through the new generations.

This is the 1st stage of our crowed funding which will go towards securing a location and paying a deposit. We have applied for two grants as well.

If everything goes as expected we will have enough money to get our cultural center in East Bay.

Thank you.

Anil Pandey

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