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Nepal along with geographical diversity of land elevation ranges from 60 meter above sea level to 8,848 meter (Mount Everest,the highest peak of the world), 125 cast/ethnic group of Nepal speaks123 different languages including official language, Nepali. Likewise, practiced religion also diversified in Nepal; there are 81.3% Hindu,9% Buddhists, 4.4% Muslims, 1.4% Christians and 3.3% others.

As from the people of cultural diversification, about 6ooo to 8000 people living Bay Area critically need of Grief Center to practice our cultural and religious norms and values. The grief center is basically focused on the center for the family and relatives whose family member is passed away. In Hindu culture, the death body is cremated with the presence of the priest, family member of the dead person have to stay in grief for thirteen days. During this period sons of the demised person need to bald his head, can wear only a piece of white cloth, can have only one meal without salt per day for thirteen days, the person in grief can't touch any one outsiders.
During the project period, we aim to provide educational facilities to at least 150 neediest among the needy children of the remotest part of Nepal specially Mid and Far Western Region of Nepal. The facilities include which is not limited to stationeries, clothing, hygiene material and home condition improvement support materials.
During the project period, conduct awareness campaign to promote Nepali culture and tradition among the Nepali and non Nepali people of USA. The campaign can be conducted inside the state or outside the state in collaboration and cooperation with other organization.


Educational Facilities Support

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Cultural Exchange Program

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19 Feb, 2016 Motherland Nepal

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This Agreement is between Silver Cinemas Acquisition Co., d/b/a Landmark Theatres ("Landmark"), a Delaware corporation, and Anil Pandey d/b/a Motherland Nepal ("Licensee"), a 501 c (3) non-profit, located 2106 Otis drive
# e alameda ca 94501.
Landmark hereby grantsto Licensee and Licensee hereby accepts from Landmark a temporary, non-exclusive revocable license (the "License") for the purpose of presenting Nepali movie Bhairab (the "Event") at the Albany Twin, located at 1115 solano Avenue, Albany, California, 94706 (the "Theatre"), on the following dates: Tuesday, February 09 2016.
Income and Expenseses of Movie Bhairab
Income Expenses Profit
$2450$ 1950 $ 500
Thank You to all. who had support for this fund raise events to build our cultural center

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Cultural Center

The Nepali of the San Francisco Bay area have an urgent need for a Cultural Center.
In establishing a culture center, we hope to facilitate various activities likeexchanging cultural values and norms between Nepalese-Americans and non-Nepalese Americans. One way we intend to do this is an awareness campaign and soup-kitchen service for the benefit of the people residing in the Bay Area-Nepalese-Americans and non-Nepalese Americans.

Since its inception, Motherland Nepal has sponsored numerous heritage meetings, and cultural events. A few examples illustrate the wide spectrum of these efforts: a culture performance by local music bands, and other musical groups, a live concert by the leading Nepalese singer; and a festival featuring folk dancing, painting, art work, and poetry reading.Readmore


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